Cluster AT+R - Cluster Automatizačnej techniky a robotiky

Cluster AT+R

The Automation Technology and Robotics (AT+R) Cluster was founded in March 2010 in Košice in the form of an association of legal entities, Klaster AT+R z.p.o.

The goal of the initiative of its founders is to concentrate development capacity and deepen the home specialisation profile and participation in international groupings for AT+R. The basic goal of the cluster’s participants is to do their own activities more effectively and more dynamically, which, in relation with other members, allows them to approach the domestic and international markets with higher complexity and quality.

For the automation and robotic technology, the potential partners are from the fields of automotive industry, consumer electronics, measurement and control technology, drive, sensor and control technology components, manipulation and robotic technology and automated production systems.

In the case of development projects supported from EU funds, the AT+R Cluster represents a grouping with a high creative potential and competitive manufacturing and supplying activities. The AT+R Cluster is a successor of the SAATAR association (Slovak Association of Automation Technology and Robotics) and continues in its activities through which a direct link has been created to the European technological platform MANUFUTURE, EUROP and EUnited Robotics, as well as the EFFRA association, supporting PPP projects of the EÚ, specifically the Factories of the Future (FoF) programme.