Cluster AT+R - Cluster Automatizačnej techniky a robotiky

Cooperation at the national and regional level

Co-operation at the National and Regional Level

spolupraca na narodnej urovni

The co-operation between the AT+R Cluster and the participating Self-Governing Regions may be briefly characterised as follows:

  • The AT+R Cluster will represent a partner for the preparation and implementation of the innovation strategy of the Self-Governing Region in the field of widening automation programmes in the region.
  • The Self-Governing Region will support the preparation of specialists and the networking of partners for the Research Centres (PO, KE, ZA) and Engineering-Supply Centres of the Cluster being prepared through the RIC projects and technological parks in the region.
  • The AT+R Cluster, with is activities with international partners, together with SARIO and SCCI (SOPK) and the Self-Governing Regions, will prepare conditions for the entry of international partners of joint projects or as investment partners in the territory of the region.
  • Benefits in the increasing of employment rate, mainly of specialists for the field of research and engineering activities, as well as qualified workers for production.
  • Creation of a base for the development of research and development activities, transfer of know-how and engineering and supply activities in the Research and Development Centres (KE, PO, ZA).
  • Creation of opportunities for the support of innovations and transfer of know-how for other partners in the region in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.