Cluster AT+R - Cluster Automatizačnej techniky a robotiky

Implementation outputs of the IDC (ESC)

Implementation outputs of the IDC (ESC)

  • projects and supplies of automation and manipulation technology, operation and inter-operation manipulation for production technologies
  • projects and implementation of new production programmes for AT+R components, such as drives, positioning modules, technological heads, visual, sensoric and monitoring units, measurement and control systems and testing and diagnostic technology systems for the development and production of AT+R components
  • projects and supplies of mobile platforms for the industrial and service robotics, sensor technology, multi-agent security and monitoring systems
  • projects and supplies for automated and robotized technological workplaces and production systems in mechanical engineering technologies
  • projects and supplies for the preparation of mutual production co-operations of cluster members, participation of international partners and strategic investors in the development of AT+R specialisations in the regions of Prešov, Košice and Žilina

Example of Activities of AT+R Cluster Members

spolocne aktivity

- selected areas as an example of common activities of members of the AT+R Cluster in the development, research, designing and implementation of automated production systems.