Cluster AT+R - Cluster Automatizačnej techniky a robotiky

International cooperation

International Co-operation

In the case of development projects supported from EU funds, the AT+R Cluster will represent a grouping with a high creative potential and competitive manufacturing and supplying activities.

A long-term goal of the cluster is the use of direct participation of the members in technological platforms of (ETP) MANUFUTURE, the EFFRA association, EUROP and EUnited Robotics for the winning of direct participation of foreign partners in activities of the AT+R Cluster.

Another goal is the use of the FP7 ICT and NMP programmes supporting PPP projects of the EU, specifically the programme Factories of the Future (FoF) for the development of the product and technological base of members of the Cluster.

In international cooperation programmes, a significant place is occupied by the the co-operation between clusters within the EU and regional co-operation through the INTERREG, RAPID and other programmes in which the Self-Governing Regions and the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) participate.

An expected output from this field, along with the strengthening of partnership in research, will also be outputs for co-operated production, joint supplies of technologies within direct cooperation of members of the cluster and international partners. Within the cooperation with the Self-Governing Regions and SARIO, the cluster will prepare conditions for the entry of international partners in joint projects or as investment partners in the territory of the region.