Klaster AT+R - Klaster Automatizačnej techniky a robotiky

Projekt MeMeVET

 MeMeVET Project

       Program: Erasmus+

       Period: January 2018 – December 2019



       ITKAM Germany

       High tech Startbahn Germany

       CCIS Spain

       CAARAGON Spain

       MCA Spain

       IESTLB Spain

       EINE Italy

       UNINETTUNO Italy

       Cluster AT+R Slovakia

       ELCOM, s.r.o. Slovakia

       SOPK Presov Slovakia

       TUS Bulgaria

       BCCI Bulgaria

       ITISVOLTA Italy

       COMET Italy


       The mechatronics and metallurgy are very relevant sectors in the European market as they represent almost 20% of the manpower in the countries involved in the present project.


       To support the specific growth and further development of the mechatronics and metallurgical sectors, the project partners aim to establish a sector skills alliance between VET providers and relevant organisations representing enterprises in five European countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia).


       The purpose is to create new transnational vocational curricula related to the need to facilitate freedom of movement for students and workers, fostering mobility in the mechatronics and metallurgical industries in Europe.


       The project will deliver a common curriculum for complementary educational skills requested by the labour market in the five countries.

       The second most important output will be the development of an e-card for EU CV in which all complementary educational skills acquired in mechatronics and metallurgical sectors will be uploaded. The e-card is an outstanding new tool, as it will allow young people to easily obtain specific certificate required by industries in the target countries and enter faster into the EU labour market.

       The project will boost employability, developing a transnational curriculum focused on mobility and providing an innovative digital tool that will make easier the movement of students and workers. The design and development of the digital tool as well as putting the e-card into practice will show the commitment of the project partners and their important contribution in keeping up-to-date the mechatronics and metallurgical sectors along with the digital evolution toward the “forth industrial revolution”.